2024 Somerset and Bristol Extreme Cleaning. End of Tenancy Hoarder Property

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CrawfordsPRC Spotlight: The Secret Behind 22 Years of Cleaning Mastery
February 8, 2024

2024 Somerset and Bristol Extreme Cleaning. End of Tenancy Hoarder Property

Crawfords Extreme Cleaning: Reclaiming Your Space with Compassion

We were called to this property which, over many years, had the by effects of smoking cigarettes without adequate ventilation, opening windows, etc. This also means it’s very hard for visitors due to the fumes or even little things like handling food or wiping down surfaces. We specialise in extreme cleaning, and no job is too big or too tough for our compassionate team. We’ve seen it all, and we promise to approach your situation with understanding and zero judgment.

We washed the walls in place, for example in the stairway. Everything is by hand, from degreasing the windows to wiping the doors and door frames. This has to be completed in advance of steam cleaning the carpets to ensure all dirt falls onto the carpet ready for us to clean.

  • Two full days of work for this single bedroom flat
  • Three people to tackle the project
  • All waste safely removed from site
  • Some before and after photos below, the video shows many more photos.

Who can you call for confidential treatment in a manner with good advice and your privacy in mind? Our company was founded over 22 years ago.

Andy on 07815 814128 or send a message via the Contact Form.

Extreme Cleaning Somerset Local Authority and NHS Approved Supplier

Crawfords Extreme Cleaning can bring your worst places back to life as we are not judgemental as people’s health causes a lot of problems that are easily resolved with a little TLC and understanding
These areas were cleaned up for the customers and now are useable day in day out. No more bad smells. No more embarrassment. No more feeling of being overwhelmed with guilt.

For our team it’s an everyday experience and we are pleased to help.

The satisfaction we get on our results puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Please don’t be embarrassed by yours or a friend’s situation – call us to take back the rooms that are causing concern and take that weight off your mind.

We are here to help day in day out no matter how bad you think it is.


Local Extreme Clean Somerset Hoarder Taunton BristolCrawfordsPRC have successfully and consistently passed each approval process as a local extreme cleaning company for the local NHS trust and county and city local authorities and landlords. Extreme cleaning is what the general public and TV viewing audience sometimes refer to as hoarder cleaning.

Does clutter or grime feel like it’s taking over? Crawfords Extreme Cleaning understand that life can get messy. Health issues, busy schedules, and even mental health recovery can contribute to a family home that feels overwhelming. But the good news is, your family don’t have to face this alone.

Let Crawfords Extreme Cleaning help you turn your “worst place” into a space you can once again welcome visitors into. Here’s how we can help you reclaim the living space of yourself or a family member/friend.

Respectful and Discreet with Experience You Can Trust- A Trusted Local Family Company

We understand the sensitivities surrounding these situations. We work discreetly and professionally to ensure your privacy is always protected. With years of experience in Somerset, we’ve helped countless individuals and families overcome challenges and reclaim their homes.

Compassionate approach with all enquiries and projects. We believe in offering a helping hand, not a judgmental eye. Our team is trained to approach situations with empathy and understanding. Seeing the transformation of a space can be incredibly empowering. We take immense satisfaction in knowing we’re helping people improve their quality of life.

We go beyond surface-level cleaning. We tackle deep-seated grime, smoke damage, biohazards, and even spaces packed ceiling height with old clutter.

Our goal is to give you a fresh start you and your loved ones really deserve. Don’t let embarrassment hold you back any longer. Take back control of your space and reclaim your peace of mind and your family’s comfort. Call Crawfords Extreme Cleaning today we’re here to help from Bristol to Exeter and across the M5 corridor.

Landlord End of Tenancy Property Cleaning Services

We specialise in sensitive and thorough cleaning of properties at the end of tenancy and tackle even the toughest messes, from smoke damage and biohazards to deep grime and lingering odors.

Apart from the carpets and upholstered furniture, all of this deep cleaning is with elbow grease. We have fostered a compassionate and understanding Team: Your well-being is a priority and our approach with every situation with strong empathy and complete discretion.

We are registered with the relevant regulatory bodies, such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England.
As part of the process we needed to prequalify with the NHS trust/local authority. This involved completing a questionnaire and providing evidence of our experience, qualifications, and commercial insurance.
Once prequalified, we are invited to tender for specific cleaning contracts. This will involve submitting a detailed proposal that addresses our cleaning methods, staffing levels, capacity, lead times and pricing.
Our NHS trust authority evaluate all tenders and selects the company that best meets their requirements, references, lead time and price point.

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